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Manufacturer of tin lead and lead based alloys. Servicing automotive, electronic and ammunition industries since 1978.

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PKay Metal, established in 1978, is a world class manufacturer and recycler specializing in tin lead and lead based alloys. They primarily service other large scale leaders in the automotive, electronic and ammunition industries.

Our goal was to bring this titan of a more traditional industry into the digital age so that they might capture an even greater market share. Given just a logo and a 20 year old website as a content reference, we knew we had our work cut out for us. That being said, the gains to be realized by P.Kay Metal from a single deal meant that there was more than enough value to be had by all our hard work.

For the art direction we knew we wanted to make a splash. What could be glossed over in a utilitarian fashion, we knew could be made interesting by focusing on the advanced technology involved and the grand scale at which P.Kay Metal operates. This was conveyed not only in the visuals selected, but in the layouts, colors and typographic systems as well.

Given that P.Kay Metal is a recycler we instantly were drawn to green. Green is a powerful color that evokes feelings of rejuvenation and renewal, key components of P.Kay Metal's business. We chose blacks and greys to compliment the green as it gives a sense of power and technology. P.Kay metal is at the forefront of recycling technology after all.

While we were developing the art direction for P.Kay Metal, we had another task on hand of producing content to be used on the site. A key component to this was showing off their freshly built facility in Idaho which is a site to behold. We had a team member fly out to the facilities in Idaho to capture videography and photography. This ultimately resulted in some amazing drone footage that shows off the sheer size of the facilities and interior footage showing the insane industry taking place within. This content was crucial for making an impactful first impression on the site, leveraging it as an autoplaying video as the first thing you see.

For this corporate website the goal was to drive more contact submissions and ultimately drive more business for P.Kay Metal. We had to understand how their potential clientele evaluated a company like this and through discovery calls with them we learned that the technology used and the quality of the facilities were major factors. This lead us to a design that employs big imagery and interesting animations as we wanted the site to feel like the facilities, advanced.

In the development of the site we knew that we wanted something that was not only performant, but easy to update. For this reason we decided on a headless build connected to one of our favorite content management systems. This way the client could reorganize the page using drag and drop functionality and update the content after the fact should they choose. It also meant that in the future they'd be able to build out rich onsite articles that would help with SEO.

The result is a blazing fast website that scores extremely well on SEO metrics and Google PageSpeed.

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An autoplaying fullscreen video plays upon landing on the P.Kay Metal site. As you can see from this screen shot alone, the P.Kay Metal operation is a serious one and we wanted to bring that to life for potential customers.

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