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BodyBio is a manufacturer of high quality supplements, best known for their proprietary product BodyBio PC. Prior to our involvement D2C sales were minimal and web presence neglected. We were tasked with creating a new visual identity, website and implementing strategies to drive online revenue growth. Post launch online sales are now the primary revenue driver for the business for both their US and UK sites.

Direct To Consumer (USA/UK)

BodyBio maintains two facets of their business, direct to consumer and a wholesale channel dedicated towards healthcare practitioners. Each site type requires a different approach in order to cater to those particular customers. The D2C sites, a USA and a UK site, we're focused on driving repeat purchases and a seamless experience to understand their products. We greatly improved their repeat purchases by leveraging subscriptions, which allows customers to sign up for a monthly subscription of their favorite supplement. We designed our product pages around this idea which allows for only 2 clicks to subscribe while also effortlessly informing the customer of the benefits of subscribing. It's very important when implementing subscriptions that the customer fully understands how the process works and what to expect.

BodyBio Product Page | Effortless Subscriptions

Product Page Redesign
After a couple years we decided that it would be good to take another look at the product page and see how we could improve it. The focus above the fold was again to push subscriptions even more. Through large callouts and contrasting colors we're able to grab customers attention and direct it towards the benefits of subscribing.

Wholesale Portal

Although D2C remains a huge portion of their sales, we were also tasked with creating their B2B wholesale website. This site is dedicated towards selling to healthcare practitioners offering special product information and special prices which can only be accessed if your account is approved.

By using large, clear CTA's we were able to direct wholesalers to sign up for an account on the wholesale site. Once the account is approved by the BodyBio team, the wholesaler receives special access to all sorts of special information, documents, and webinars about BodyBio's products. Along with this new information, wholesalers had access to product pages that offered discounts and collection pages (product list pages) that enabled wholesalers to easily add products to cart without having to visit each individual product page. This efficiency has proved lucrative for BodyBio as average order value skyrocketed on the wholesale website.

Wholesale Portal Hero
It was important that upon landing on the page there was no confusion about how to start the wholesale application process. We utilized large CTA's in multiple places to make beginning the process simple and intuitive.

Wholesale Product Page
When a user isn't logged in as an approved wholesaler, they can browse the products however can not add anything to cart. Instead, we replaced the ATC button with a Begin Application CTA - further driving wholesalers where we wanted them to go.

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