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Established in 1972, KINTO is a Japanese brand aspiring to create products that enrich everyday life. The brand's core tenant of design is a balance between usability and aesthetics.

KINTO approached us with the task of enhancing their Shopify website. We designed and developed a new custom theme, working closely with their marketing team to ensure the redesign would have a powerful impact.

Intended to drive targeted traffic to convert within a few clicks, this page had to emanate a brand look and feel while showcasing the products. It features a subtle sticky product module that follows users along their journey, encouraging users to purchase.

Similar to KINTO's emphasis on a balance of usability and design, our goal was to highlight the brand's impeccable product photography while optimizing for conversions. The core focus of this strategy revolved around an elevated collection landing page template.

KINTO collection page elegantly displays product hero shots along with a more interesting photo of the collection as a whole.

With over 70% of their traffic coming from mobile it was important that the mobile experience was as seamless as the desktop experience. We used simplicity and white space to our advantage, leading to an uncluttered page and an effortless browsing experience.

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