Draft Order


The Draft Order Invoices Shopify App allows merchants on Shopify to treat draft orders as invoices and display them on customer account pages. This makes it easy for customers to see open invoices and provide payment using Shopify's familiar checkout process.

If you have downloaded our app and have any features you'd like to see or have encountered issues with the app, please feel free to reach out to support@conspireagency.com. Our goal is to give merchants the best tools possible for success and greatly appreciate your input.


Please refer to the second tab within the embedded Shopify app for instructions on using our application within your store. Our team is available for basic installation. If you'd like to request special customization of the app, our developers can be hired to perform additional customizations.


Our app allows you to automate the process of reminding customers that they have an outstanding draft order invoice. Currently our app supports a few options for when these reminders are sent out. If an invoice has not been paid and the day threshold for reminders has been met, our application will trigger the sending of another email via Shopify. This email will use the template found under Settings -> Notifications in the Shopify Admin, which typically includes a link for the customer to initiate payment using Shopify's checkout.