SEO and Strategy

To help our clients succeed we offer strategy & SEO services, with additional specific expertise in a Shopify eCommerce setting.

Standing up an optimized site is only a small part of gaining sales traction. It's a double edged sword of driving people to your site and realizing the maximum benefit once they arrive. By coordinating skilled experts in SEO, strategy, design and development - objectives are able to be carried out in a more impactful and efficient manner.


Our team will work to determine opportunity areas to generate organic traffic to your site. While it does take some time to generate organic traffic, the results are most often cheaper to achieve than paid methods and convert at a higher rate.

Our team will provide monthly reports tracking progress, as well as help to coordinate additional services such as development or content writing.


Once your customers reach your site the goal is to maximize conversion rates while increasing average order value (AOV) and customer lifetime value.

Say you're doing $50k/mo in sales, if you were able to boost your AOV by 10-20%, all things the same you'd be realizing $5-10k/mo in additional revenue. It may sound like a leap, but it's really just a matter of selling an extra product here-and-there.