Shopify Plus Experts

Typical Projects

Strategy / Consulting - For brands that are looking for professional guidance in jump-starting their online presence on Shopify.

This generally includes an installation + setup of our agency theme by one of our designers, integration of 3rd party Shopify Apps by our development team and finally guidance by one of our expert strategists.

Our goal is to bring our clients as much value as possible and with Shopify + our agency theme we're able to stand up beautiful sites that implement core revenue driving strategy.

Aside from being tested eCommerce strategists, we find most of our clients want to work with us for our high level of execution in digital design and development. Brand identity is a key component in establishing a loyal customer base. We're experts at taking branding and extending it into a more robust digital presence. Additionally, we're constantly seeking the latest technologies so that we can bring the most value and comprehensive knowledge to our clients.

Custom Theme Development - For brands that would benefit from a custom appearance and enhanced performance.

Going custom offers a more brand tailored shopping experience for your customers and enhanced performance compared to a one-size-fits-all pre-built Theme. Strategy is coordinated with design and development to ensure a fully optimized shopping experience for your brand.

Our proprietary agency theme scaffolding allows us to build custom themes faster where other agencies typically would build on top of a pre-built theme.

Headless Shopify Websites - For brands that seek ultimate performance and flexibility.

Shopify offers an all-in-one solution for eCommerce combining a content management system with a website builder. That being said, there are performance and flexibility concessions that come with using the Theme based Online Store sales channel.

Going headless separates the frontend of the site from Shopify, while continuing to use Shopify for checkout as well as a content management system for things like products, customers, orders etc. This allows for things like enhanced performance, developer productivity, content flexibility and site performance.

Shopify Application Development - Extend the platform to meet your complex business needs.

We've built various Shopify Applications to integrate with other 3rd party services, support complex rental programs, advanced upsells/cross-sells and the list goes on.

Shopify Plus

The cost barrier to entering the eCommerce space has never been lower. That being said, coming in at $2k+/mo platform fees, Shopify Plus quite a leap up from any of the non-enterprise Shopify plans.

Shopify Plus Fit

Generally revenue is a good place to start for assessing Plus. Using total annual revenue as a guide, you can start to get a better feel for how the benefits might offset the additional fees. We feel that Plus is a good fit for companies doing at least $100k/mo in revenue. However, existing revenue isn't the only requirement - sometimes Plus is actually necessary for certain businesses to unlock new revenue channels due to unique needs.

Benefits of Shopify Plus

Credit Card Processing

WIth Shopify Plus you are locked into the lowest credit card processing rates on the platform @ 2.15% + 30 cents per transaction. Compared to Shopify Advanced, this means the break-even on credit card processing alone is around $680k/mo in revenue.

However, saving on credit card processing is only part of the equation. The goal really should be to leverage the additional tooling Plus offers to make far more money. After all, we don't play to not-lose... we play to win.

Additional Features

Probably the biggest feature additions that Plus offers is the ability to customize checkout and the addition of Shopify Scripts. These can be huge revenue drivers in terms of increasing conversion rates, AOVs and enabling new ways of selling.

We've leveraged these additional features to add multiple point upticks for numerous clients. That's why even at $100k/mo, Plus begins to be a no-brainer.