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Shopify SEO Audits

If you've customized your theme, or simply haven't had an audit in a while - chances are your eCommerce site has issues. Our goal is to find these issues, implement fixes, and make your site start performing at an optimal level.

Identify Issues:
Missing redirects, content issues, broken pages, page structure problems, broken links, unoptimized images, structured data etc.
Fix now, not later:
SEO agencies spread fixes over months so they can keep you on retainer. This means your site remains unhealthy for months while important fixes are spread out. We don't do that here.
Real Shopify Developers:
Unlike other SEO agencies, we're first class Shopify developers and can work right into your existing team's workflow without worry or headache. GitHub, Shopify themes, NextJS, Gatsby - you name it.

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