Behind Embodied Moxie Shopify Plus website build

Revolutionary companion for learning

Empowering mindful and confident children through the use of meaningful and playful interaction.

Shopify theme design and development, application development
Custom Shopify Plus website, rental management application
Shopify Plus, Liquid, NodeJS
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Embodied created a revolutionary robot, Moxie, that empowers mindful and confident children through the use of meaningful and playful interaction. Featured in Time Magazine as an invention of the year, our challenge was to create a website that represents the technology and ingenuity behind Moxie. The robust robot required in depth explanations which were achieved through a host of video implementations and creative module designs. We balanced education with entertainment to keep users engaged on site long enough to learn the ins and outs of Moxie's capabilities.

The hero of the website opens up with an autoplaying video of a child meeting Moxie for the first time. It instantly grabs the attention of visitors while showing off Moxie's capabilites.

Moxie carries a high price point which lead to many customers balking at the price. We needed to solution that would lower the barrier to entry so that Moxie could reach and help more kids. The solution to this was two fold. The first solution was the most obvious, allow users to finance Moxie over an extended period of time. The second solution required more in depth and complicated development. We created a rental program built on the backbone of native Shopify checkout that includes a custom application that allows Moxie's customer service team to process and manage the rentals. The programs were a huge success as the number of Moxies sold and rented increased greatly.

Shown here is a module that quickly and easily informs customers of Moxie's unique capabilities.

Purchase vs Finance
We designed the PDP so that a customer can easily learn about and choose between financing and purchasing Moxie. It's important that the details of each are easily understood so they can make an accurate decision on how they would like to proceed.

Results is a numbers game

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Moxie's sold and rented
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