Brand Identity / Web Development

“Trusted by the world’s largest artists, labels and brands to collect more royalties, pay out more quickly and with more transparency than anyone else.”

Post Malone
Metro Boomin

Disrupting the music industry

Create raked in over $30 million in revenue in 2017 alone and is spearheading a burgeoning young music-tech scene in Los Angeles. Growing at an exponential rate, founders Jonathan Strauss & Alex Williams have needed every waking moment to develop the company. They turned to us, Conspire agency, to develop and maintain the brand’s consumer facing brand identity.


CMG in revenue in 2017

Since inception we have worked hand-in-hand with Create effectively charged with developing the brand’s consumer facing brand identity.

eCommerce Site Design
Mobile UI UX Design

Nuanced Understanding

Our client is paving a new way in the music industry previously dominated by a few major players. They’re filling a gap that ‘the majors’ didn’t even know existed. We had to effectively communicate all of this information in a very concise way that appealed not only to veteran music execs, but independent artists as well.


Visual Identity

Nailing the visual identity was key. The brand logos, fonts and colors needed to be clean and cutting edge without becoming a boring monochrome or overly techy cliché.

Ultimately, it had to properly represent the top artistic talent in the world.

01 — Color Palette
    • Blue
    • HEX = #5BC1EE
    • RGB = 91, 193, 238
    • CMYK = 56, 5, 0, 0
    • Pink
    • HEX = #DD356F
    • RGB = 221, 53, 111
    • CMYK = 8, 93, 34, 0
    • Create Logo Gradient
    • Linear Diagonal
    • Pink = #DD356F
    • Blue = #5BC1EE
02 — Typography

The font choosen for headers and titles across all Create digital and print properties is Quatro.

Letter set

03 — Logo

Site Design

It’s not what you say but how you say it...

For the main site we knew we had to make an impact the moment someone landed. What better way than to show off a roster of mega star clients? Combined with a couple major statistics, refined copy and stunning visuals it was a wrap.

Universal Music Group the biggest music company in the world trusts Create to manage their entire catalog.


Shopify Development

We were tasked with developing a custom Shopify application that allows artists to view their merchandise revenue from Shopify in the Artist Portal dashboard.

Artist Portal is one of Create’s products that allows artists to view all their revenue streams and statistics in one place. It integrates iTunes sales as well as streaming revenues from YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud.

With our expertise we were able to get around Shopify API restrictions so that our application works with any Shopify plan. We communicated with CMG’s Artist Portal team to make sure our app’s API met all their data requirements.