“ Simply put: you lose money every time your website goes down.”

Downtime is supposedly a thing of the past.  As everything has shifted online all hosting providers now promise 99.9% uptime and users won't accept anything short of perfect performance.

Reality incoming... it's 2018 and websites still go down all the time.  Your site may go down for just a couple minutes, but it just happens to be when your influencer campaign drives thousands of hits to your website only to be turned away.  Money down the drain and out of your pocket.  In the scheme of things with two minutes of downtime your site is still "up" for 99.9% the rest of the day.  What's to say the downtime only occurs for two minutes at a time though.  What if your site never goes down regularly, until your host pushes a new update that takes you down for 30+ minutes right when you're about to make a ton of sales.  Downtime is a relative concept.

Not to say that technology hasn't improved and that hosting providers crash all the time.  Services like Shopify rarely if ever crash, but from time to time there are definitely intermittent issues.  Sites don't soley depend on your hosting to run smoothly, modern websites depend on a number of plugins often hosted on CDNs to provide sleek modern design & cool functionality.  Updates can cause failure or hard to detect performance issues, but hey even if you don't do anything to your site things can go wrong (say a CDN goes offline).  Lucky precautions can be taken by self-hosting assets or ensuring things fail nicely, but nothing is 100% fail safe. Once in a blue moon there are intermittent issues on any platform that don't affect everyone and can be hard to detect unless you're sitting there testing your site every minute.

Introducing uptime monitoring the solution that will get rid of your night terrors & let you sleep soundly all night long.  With a monitoring solution your site goes down & you immediately get an email report potentially allowing you to notify your influencer to momentarily hold off on their post.  Harder to detect problems?  Configure the monitor to test performance to see if things slow down from time to time alerting you to potential issues you may not have noticed that are causing people to leave your site.  People have little patience & short attention spans after all.

In an age where we rely on our advanced technology we fail to take precaution.  Don't let your hard work go to waste, take a couple minutes and add uptime monitoring to your site.

Pingdom(Subscription): https://www.pingdom.com/

UptimeRobot (Free): https://uptimerobot.com/