“ Our latest app development project”

As you may be aware Shopify recently integrated with Postmates allowing Shopify stores to offer on-demand delivery.  It's an interesting new feature but in practice it falls short for many retailers ready to offer on demand delivery, particularly for larger retailers with multiple locations.  Our latest Shopify app project required us to find a solution for an international retailer with locations in every major US city with multiple locations in just the City of Los Angeles alone.

The application functions by looking at the shipping address entered at checkout determining if the address falls within the Postmates delivery area for the nearest store location and if the store is open for pickup at the time of checkout.  If the customer's address qualifies for on demand delivery the customer is provided with the Postmates option alongside other shipping options with a live cost estimate provided via Postmates API.

We live an age of instantaneous gratification.  There are a multitude of different reasions why customers may pull the trigger if on demand delivery is available where they otherwise wouldnt...they may feel too self consious to shop in store for a particular item, they may not have the time to travel to the store and back, or may need something on the spot but be too preoccupied to get it themselves.  Being able to order delivery from your favorite brand really isn't that different than ordering some tacos from your favorite taqueria... somethings we just want now.