“ This Shopify Plus app makes life a lot easier.”

Shopify Flow allows merchants to run eCommerce stores with even more precision.

Starting points for triggering actions with Shopify Flow are:

  • Customer created
  • Draft order created
  • Inventory quantity changed
  • Order created
  • Order fulfilled
  • Order paid
  • Order risk analyzed
  • Product added to store
  • Refund created

With this many potential starting points there are a million possible logic branches that can be created to cover a number of unique test cases.

A few of our more common flows are:

Inventory quantity changed - An example of using the flow is to check when a variant quantity available falls below the set threshold sending an alert to start the process of refilling inventory for this item.  This flow is pretty obvious but useful for tightening up the supply chain.  

Order created - This flow is great for alerting your team as well as vendors/dropshippers when a new order comes in.  In combination with order paid and order risk analyzed this is a super powerful tool for increasing communication regarding fulfillment.

Order risk analyzed - We like to use this flow to check for medium & high risk orders.  If an order is marked as risky we like to send extra email alerts making sure that the order is fully vetted before it is shipped.

Refund created - We like to use this hook to soothe unsatisfied customers.  Our flow setup checks if the reason for the refund was the customer -if so- then send an email with a discount offer valid for their next purchase.

If you have any questions regarding what Flow can or cannot do feel free to drop us a line in the comments =)