“ At Conspire we really live eCommerce walking-the-walk by developing our own products/brands”

At Conspire Agency we practice what we preach.  In 2010 with $4,000 in startup capital I created my first clothing brand designing leather hats and selling them online through a Shopify store.  Fast forward two years the company was doing over $600,000 in yearly revenue and I have collaborated with a number of artists I never would have dreamed of such as Alec Monopoly, YG, Steve Angello of Swedish House Mafia, DJ Snake and Jason Derulo.  Having this experience was invaluable and has given me a unique perspective as an agency owner.

For this reason I continue to dedicate a portion of my time and resources to new ventures.  This year I am excited to work on Stronghold, a new venture co-founded with my partners on the project Duncan Abdelnour and Jack Elway.  Duncan is a founder of Crowdsync Technology an awesome event experience company responsible for lighting up entire arenas during live music events.  Jack is an expert marketer with strong connections and a master of the pitch.   The basic plan is to combine our strength in branding, sourcing and marketing to make some really f**king cool men's pomade and sell a ton of it.

We're not too far along using January as a chance to hit some tropical beaches, but I want to share the steps we've taken so far.  First, we've done a bit of brainstorming and trademark research.  As it stands the name of the brand is Stronghold and we've formed our corporation under the name using a handy tool provided by Stripe called Atlas.  Atlas helps companies, particularly in the technology sector, create Deleware corporations at lower cost than other providers like Legalzoom and offers some pretty cool resources for after you found your company.  We've used lawyers to put together the initial corporate agreements and properly structure our shares.  As you can see from the image above we've come up with some novel ideas for packaging (including some ideas I can't share here just yet).  We're working with one of our awesome designers/engineers to transform sketches into 3D files and should have a 3D printed box ready to be approved by next week.

If you find any of this interesting or have any questions feel free to drop me a message [email protected]

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