“ How to fix a Shopify issue that affects themes with ajax carts that skip the cart page to checkout.”

We've uncovered a pretty universal Shopify bug that occurs on themes with Ajax carts that skip over the cart page and go directly to checkout.

It probably doesn't come up often because on stores with cart pages the header/ajax cart have an opportunity to refresh traveling from the product page to the cart before checkout. If at this point the user pushes the back button to go back to the product page, the header/cart have had an opportunity to page refresh already.

On themes where a user ajax adds a product to cart and then proceeds directly to checkout the header/cart don't have an opportunity to refresh. When a user then presses back from checkout the page does not refresh and thus the header/ajax cart appear to be empty when in fact they are not.

Stay tuned on this article...waiting to get Shopify's official opinion.