Kreation Organic

Shopify Theme Development / Application Integrations

Kreation Organic provides healthy and delicious drinks to invigorate the body and mind. Never high pressure pasteurized, and always organic and fresh.

  • Deliverables

    Shopify theme setup, design, and third-party app integrations

  • Growth

    Kreation is a Los Angeles staple. With 18 locations & counting frequented by celebrities, customers clamor to order their juice cleanses nationwide to stay in peak health.

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Shopify Theme Setup

Kreation had an existing site that was receiving a ton of traffic, but had a terrible conversion rate. Every day that passed was money left on the table. For this reason we decided to start designing use one of our agency base themes as our starting point of reference. This allowed us to accellerate the frontend development of the project so we could focus on the more complex functional requirements.

+ 30 %

Immediate increase in revenue

Local vs. National Delivery Restrictions

Not all of Kreations products ship nationwide. Certain food products can only be delivered by local courier, so we needed to build an interface that informed customers of delivery eligibility and ensure customers outside of the delivery radius didn't order ineligible products.

  • Subscriptions

    Integrated new theme with ReCharge to support Cold-Pressed Juice subscription packages.

  • Delivery Date

    Allows users at checkout to specify when their order should be delivered.

Third-Party App Integrations

The ability to easily integrate functionality from the Shopify app store really made this project possible. We were able to integrate readily available applications to fulfill marketing needs, allow customers to specify their delivery preferences (also meeting Kreations business needs) and control the delivery zones for certain products via applications that integrate with the Carrier Services API.

+ 63 %

Increase in conversion rate

The Proof Is
In The Pudding

After the relaunch of the site the numbers didn't lie, the new site was MUCH needed. A quick refresh of the frontend with strategic functional implementations had more than paid for itself. As Kreation continues to grow there's little doubt that more improvements are on the horizon.