Shopify Offers Local Ondemand Delivery With Postmates

March 2, 2018
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“ Sounds cool but is it practical?”

In mid 2016 Shopify and Postmates announced a new integration allowing store owners to offer local on demand delivery.  While this isn't by any means recent news, there hasn't really been much chatter on the topic since.  We've only ever had one client specifically ask about the feature and even though they wanted to integrate it didn't happen eventually falling short of their needs. 

Here are the two main issues we have with the Shopify integration with Postmates:

  1. Doesn't support multiple pickup locations.  If you're a national brand with multiple location like our client, offering Postmates delivery in just one city like Los Angeles doesn't get the job done when you could be serving your customers in NYC, Miami etc.
  2. Retail isn't the same as food delivery.  The Postmate isn't dispatched until the seller begins the fulfillment process.  Select retailers actually fulfill the order immediately as it comes in, but many times this isn't the case even with the most efficient companies.  There are often delays in retail fulfillment that don't exist in Postmates food delivery services.  Expectation issues anyone?

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